Wi-Fi connection

Activating the SZIU account

Before using the eduroam service users must first activate their account. This can be done at the IT User Rights Management System site.

eduroam is available at the following SZIU locations:

  • Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Budapest (2 István street, Budapest)
  • Buda Campus (29-43 Villányi Street, Budapest)
  • Gödöllő Campus (1 Páter Károly Street, Gödöllő)
  • Szarvas Campus (1-3 Szabadság Street, Szarvas)
  • (The service is going to be accessible on all Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences Campuses.)

    Connecting to the eduroam network

    Students can log in withtheir SzIU ID and password. The login ID is generated according to the following syntax: sziuID@uni-mate.hu. For employees the SZIU ID consists of 3 letters and 4 numbers (e.g.: Tes0000@uni-mate.hu) while for students it is identical with the Neptun identifier (e.g.: neptuncode@uni-mate.hu).

    Detailed configuration guides are available for the following operating platforms: